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Buffing a Car

Introducing Acedooby Detailing

We are mobile and work around your scheduling. 

What We Offer

pressure washing exterior.


Welcome to Acedooby detailing where every detail counts! We are located in Springfield Ma. We're mobile so we come to you. We strive to the very best of our abilities to make sure each and every vehicle looks and feels better than new. As they say "A clean car drives better than a new car." And this is just one of our motos here at Acedooby detailing. There is no side eye towards anyone regardless of conditions of the vehicle(s) brought to us. We treat every vehicle like it's our own with high standards and clean practices. Thank you for taking the time to check us out and we hope to make you a part of the detailing family.

Difference between Car Wash & Car Detailing 

Car Washing?

Acedooby Detailing is not a car wash. There are car washing station aka "Scratch box" for vehicles that are cheap and are what ruin the clear coat, making the appearance over time look dull and sun faded. "Scratch boxes" make vehicles even more vulnerable to the elements of nature such as bird droppings, bug guts, and all sorts of other road debris. The soaps used are high alkaline levels, and the nylon bristles give the paint swirls and micro marring which ruins the visual appearance. These are one of many leading causes of vehicle depreciation over time. 

automated car wash.

 Quality Car Detailing

Here at Acedooby Detailing we start first by using Ph friendly soaps, soft plush microfiber mits and towels to wash and dry the paint. We use foam cannons to completely blanket the vehicles paint to ensure there is plenty of lubricity from the soap to ensure a scratch free wash. Unlike the scratch box, we use the two-bucket method which keeps the rim & wheel water separate from the paint surfaces clean water. The water we use goes through its own multi-stage charcoal filters to help with hard water which causes spotting. hard water which looks like build up marks left on paint and glass if left for long periods of time can cause Longterm etching into the paint.

Quality microfiber mit hand wash

Quality car detailing

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